Our Story

Since 1989, our undying commitment towards providing consumers with products that are free from artificial colours or flavours, and that are both healthy as well as tasty has earned us abundant praise. Today, our products are universally loved and are available nationwide in leading gourmet stores, supermarkets and at our own retail outlets. But where did this journey begin? Read on to know more.

In 1927, amid the hustle and bustle of the Bhuleshwar neighbourhood in Mumbai, a store specialising in snacks, dry fruits, sweetmeats, spices, condiments and mouth fresheners was formed by the grandfather of our founder, Mr. K. C. Chandra. It soon become renowned for the freshness, purity and quality of the products it offered and flourished for the next 60 years.

A little before that, Mr. Chandra joined the family business at a young age and was taught a simple motto by his father (pictured below), "Enter the hearts of your customers, not their pockets". Unfailingly keeping this in mind, he slowly grasped all the tools, strategies and nuances of the trade.

Wanting to learn more, he traveled across the country, including Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) which was where he realised the need for food products that were healthy, natural and free from any sort of artifice- additives, preservatives, synthetic colours and flavours.

The Sargam brand was born in 1989 and caught the fancy of customers all over owing to its sterling product portfolio. As a startup in the early 90's, growth was organic, but steady. Constant innovation and a relentless hunger for excellence proved key in the brand's evolution.

Almost a decade later, in 1998, the Home D'elite brand was launched by Mr. Chandra (pictured above) with a dream of improving the snacking habits of Indian consumers, thus becoming the pioneer of healthy foods in India. Age old recipes and spices, including a few from his mother, were incorporated in the making of the roasted mixtures, khakhras, masalas, natural syrups and sugar free sweets.

After several successful stints at top retail spaces (most notably at Crossroads, Mumbai), today our products are available across the country and also in certain places overseas courtesy of a few enterprising individuals! Over time, the organisation has had to adapt and evolve continually, but our core principles and raison d'être remain the same- to enter the hearts of our customers and bring a smile to their faces. We hope our products and service embody this, and serve as a reflection of this long yet wonderful journey.